Unique and collectible hand carved and painted decoys.
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The Sneakbox Decoy Company
Traditional Handmade Cork or Wood Decoys
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IWCA Style Bufflehead drake. Life-size
contest decoy of tupelo wood and
painted in acrylic paint. 1st in species
and 2nd best diving duck category at
2017 ODCCA and 1st in species at
Ward World Championship.

Please call or e-mail for price.
Life-sized Mallard hen carved from
pine, hollowed and painted with acrylic
paints. Nice flat bottomed decoy that
with the addition of a keel could be

Hollow carved red-head hen decoy.
Painted with oil paint and rigged to

Over-sized (17" body length)
white-winged scoter hen. Hollow wood
and painted in oil paint. With the
addition of a keel this could be hunted.
Very light weight.

To order please call 207-439-5097 or
e-mail jim@sneakboxdecoy.com