The Sneakbox Decoy Company
Traditional Handmade Cork Duck Decoys
Eliot, Maine    207-439-5097
  • Our cork Blue Winged Teal decoys are painted to represent mature birds in
    breeding plumage.
  • Blue wing decoy bodies are carved from a high density decoy cork blank 10 1/2 X
    5 X 3 1/8 inches which produces a stable and oversize decoy.  
  • Each cork decoy- has a wooden tail insert, hand carved wooden head, is sealed
    with two coats of spar varnish,individually weighted and then hand painted with
    premium quality acrylic paints.  
  • Handmade cork blue winged teal decoys offer unlimited head positions to add life
    and interest to your decoy spread.
Copyright: Sneakbox
Decoy Company, 2012
Blue Winged Teal Drake
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Cork Blue Winged Teal
Decoys- $140 each
Teal decoy best to decoys of their own species. A few of these hens set
of by them selves in your spread may be all it takes to get those little,
early season "speedsters" to slow down and give you a fair shot!